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Online registration is now closed. To register your child, please contact Mrs. Connie Robben at


  • It is our goal is to return all PSR classes to the new school for the 21-22 school year starting in August.
  • As of July 15th, we currently do not have enough PSR teachers on Mon, Wed and Fri mornings (7:30-8:15) for 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 4th Grade and 7th Grade
  • PSR classes before school will not be available for the grades who do not have a PSR teacher(s). 
    • The DRE is willing to work with anyone interested. 
    • PSR teachers can share the class with another teacher or possibly a High School student. 
    • We will work to accommodate any flexibilities needed! 
  • Church attendance is on Tuesday and Thursday (we currently have enough church volunteers).
  • Watch the St. Francis Church bulletin for future announcements.
  • Please register no later than August 1st to assist in determining bus schedules and classroom arrangements.
  • I appreciate your patience as we return to the school and sort through the changes. Please annotate your willingness to volunteer below and/or email the new DRE, Mrs. Connie Robben, at if interested!  Thank you. 


  • $50 per child for the first three children ($150 maximum). 
  • Make checks payable to "Saint Francis PSR." 
  • Please send the registration fee payment with your child to the first class session.

The form is not active.