St. Francis Pastoral Council Unsung Hero Nomination Form

The Unsung Hero is a St. Francis Pastoral Council Recognition Program. The Unsung Hero Nomination Form may be submitted at any time throughout the year. The nomination form will remain on file with the Pastoral Council for one year following the submission date. Individuals may submit completed form(s) in an envelope labeled ‘Unsung Hero’ through the St. Francis Church collection basket or via delivery to the parish office. During the council-selected evaluation period, the St. Francis Pastoral Council will review all eligible submissions to determine the awardee based on unpaid service and talent as reported on the nomination form(s). Not all Nominees will be selected as Unsung Heroes. Individuals may be nominated more than one time.  
(This form is current as of October 2019.)

Recognized Unsung Heros:

2008 – Frank Hogg
2008 – Til Renschen
2008 – Kathy Barkmann
2008 – Millie Wesselmann
2009 – Margie Ottensmeier
2010 – Janice Lampe

2011 – Margaret Mondt
2013 – Tom Beckmann
2016 – Ruth Lager
2016 – Edna Wellen
2017 – Phyllis Faust
2017 – Vera Netemeyer

2018 – Julie Stockman
2018 – Lynn Huegen
2020 – Jerome (Klanck) Rakers
2021 – Corey Huegen

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