Prairie Farms

Prairie Farms’ “Our Caps – Your Cause”

Are you and your family milk drinkers?
If it happens to be Prairie Farms brand, enter the cap numbers into the Prairie Farms website
and earn money for St. Francis youth programs.
Please make this a routine in your house.  

Here's how it works: 
It’s easy.  If you already buy Prairie Farms milk or iced coffee:

1. Access the Prairie Farms code redemption website,
2. Under “Select a Category” choose "Faith-Based and Religious" 
3. Under “Select an Organization” choose "St. Francis Youth Programs"
4. Peel the outer label from the cap to reveal the number; enter the number into the website
5. Click “Donate” 
6. Prairie Farms will track all caps submitted for St. Francis. 

Every time St. Francis reaches 1,000 submitted codes (i.e., 1,000 caps),
Prairie Farms will send St. Francis a check for $50.
(After you have the code entered, you don’t need to save the cap, but please recycle it!)



As of March 2021, Prairie Farms has donated $300 to St. Francis Youth
through this program.

To find the current number of caps submitted toward our 1,000-cap goal (and another $50 for our youth), access the Prairie Farms Page and then find "St. Francis Youth Programs, Aviston, IL" in the alphabetical list.