Church Picnic

2020 PARISH PICNIC: St Francis of Assisi Parish Picnic, scheduled for August 1, 2020, has been canceled! After evaluating the current and projected restrictions (social distancing, etc.), and consulting with others, the Picnic Cochairs have determined that we will not be able to hold the picnic this year. To all our patrons, they would like to say, “See you on Saturday, August 7, 2021!”

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PICNIC KITCHEN COORDINATOR/S NEEDED: St. Francis Parish is looking for an individual or group of individuals to assist and learn the role of the kitchen coordinator. Interested individual needs to be available during the week leading up to the picnic, picnic day and the morning after the picnic.  Contact Donna Mondt at 304-4955 or Kevin Litteken at 779-9938 with questions.