St. Francis Staff

Pastor: Father Dan Friedman
(618) 228-7219

Deacon: Stephen AuBuchon
(618) 228-7936 (preferred)
(618) 593-8742 (alternate)

Deacon: Charles Litteken

Administrative Assistant: Amber Griesbaum
(618) 228-7219 

Director of Religious Education: Connie Robben
(618) 971-5511

Custodian: Vacant

Cemetery Sexton: Vacant

Website Admin:
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Pastoral Council

President: Lorie Kluemke
Vice-President: Beth Hollenkamp
Secretary: Diana Koch

Troy Pingsterhaus
Corey Toennies
Emily Masching
Dr. Jim Millard
Alexis Voyles
Megan Holtmann

Mike Dall (Trustee)
Steve Maue (Trustee)

Financial Council

Father Dan Friedman
Deacon Steve AuBuchon
Doug Ess
Joe Millard
Phillip Pingsterhaus
Mike Dall (Trustee)
Steve Maue (Trustee)


Youth Ministry Team

Lynn Huegen
Mary Rakers
Deacon Charles Litteken

St. Francis Board of Trustees

Bishop Michael McGovern
Rev. Msgr. John W. McEvilly, V.G.
Father Dan Friedman
Mike Dall 
Steve Maue 



We welcome your call or email to any member of our parish staff.  Or if you prefer, you may contact us using our online Contact Form.